Introducing Improved ENERCAL PLUS®

ENERCAL PLUS® is an adult milk supplement, now complete and balanced with 28 vitamins and minerals. Specially formulated with High Quality Protein Blend to help build and repair muscle tissues to support strength and enriched with Prebiotic FOS to support digestion*. Suitable for adults and seniors who are looking for an adult milk to fulfill their daily nutritional needs.

8 Benefits of ENERCAL PLUS®


ENERCAL PLUS® comes with great vanilla taste, supplementing your daily nutrition needs. Make the switch to ENERCAL PLUS® today which is Good for Strength PLUS Digestion*!


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Key Nutrients Comparison Table

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** One serving (52.6g)  |  ^ As compared to previous formulation (6.4g per serving)
Information based on product labels (as of 1st Feb, 2022 to 1st December, 2022)


How to Prepare

2 servings per day or as per recommended by your healthcare professional.
ENERCAL PLUS® milk powder can be dissolved in warm / cold water to make a smooth vanilla milk beverage.

 For Health Maintenance

*1 scoop = 8.7g



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