Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts

You'll probably find that a lot of people tell you lots of old wives' tales about pregnancy. But most of them have no medical basis at all. This article reveals the facts behind the most common myths.


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...most of them have no medical basis at all.

You'll probably find that a lot of people tell you lots of old wives' tales about pregnancy. It can even be fun to collect these tales. But as you'll see, most of them have no medical basis at all.

If you find yourself relying heavily on the idea of having a boy or girl, you may want to find out in an ultrasound to get an accurate prediction.

If you're carrying up front, you're having a boy


If you're carrying up front, it's a boy. All-round means it's a girl.

True or false?
False. The way you carry is determined by muscle and uterine tone and the position of your child.

Girls have a quicker heart rate


If you're having a girl, her heart rate will be above 140. A boy will be below 140.

True or false?
False. A child's heart rate is not affected by its sex.

Sweet cravings mean you're having a girl


If you have sweet cravings, you're having a girl. If you have sour cravings, it's a boy.

True or false?
False. In fact, some scientists even claim cravings don't exist.

If your water breaks in the supermarket you'll get to shop for free


You'll get to shop for free for life if your waters break in the supermarket.

True or false?
Sadly, this isn't true. So it's probably not worth spending your last weeks of pregnancy grocery shopping!

Smaller breasts mean less milk


If I have small breasts I won't be able to produce enough milk to breastfeed.

True or false?
False. You should be able to supply enough breast milk regardless of your breast size.

At 12 weeks, morning sickness stops


Morning sickness stops when you reach 12 weeks.

True or false?
Sadly, it's false. For a lot of women, nausea recedes around 12-14 weeks. However, many have to suffer it for their whole pregnancy. If you're struggling, why not take a look at our ideas for coping with morning sickness?

Really bad morning sickness means you're having twins


Women who suffer severe morning sickness are having twins.

True or false?
There is some truth to this. The hormone that's thought to cause morning sickness tends to be at higher levels if you're having twins. However, feeling very sick doesn't necessarily mean you're having twins.

Sex can bring on labour


Having sex around your due date can induce labour.

True or false?
Semen contains a hormone that may initiate labour. So in theory, it could induce labour.

Eating for two means eating double


When you're pregnant you need to eat twice the amount.

True or false?
False. You need to eat a healthy balanced diet throughout your pregnancy. You need around 200 extra calories a day in the third trimester, which is equivalent to two or three pieces of fruit or two slices of bread.

Disclaimer: This content is shared for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional/medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We recommended that you always seek the advice of your healthcare professional for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition/specific situation.



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