S-26 Growing Up Milk, Malaysia

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(1 to 3 years old)
600g, 900g,1.2kg, 1.8kg



(4 to 9 years old)
600g, 900g, 1.2kg, 1.8kg



(1 to 3 years old)
600g, 1.8kg



(4 to 9 years old)
600g, 1.8kg






(1-7 years)
850g, 1.6kg



Adult Nutrition

Wyeth Nutrition's website in Malaysia is a comprehensive platform that offers a diverse range of scientifically formulated milk products. These products are specifically designed to cater to the nutritional needs of individuals across various life stages, including children, pregnant mothers, and adults. With a strong commitment to providing high-quality and specialized nutrition, Wyeth Nutrition aims to support the health and well-being of individuals at every stage of life.

During pregnancy, proper maternal nutrition plays a crucial role in ensuring the healthy development of both the mother and the growing baby. Wyeth Nutrition understands the importance of providing specialized nutrition during this critical period. That's why they offer PROMAMA®, the first prenatal formula made with A2 Milk Protein. This unique formula is gentle on tummies and provides essential nutrients to meet the increased nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation. PROMAMA® ensures that both the mother and the baby receive the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and development.

PROMAMA® is formulated with key nutrients such as folic acid, iron, calcium, and DHA, which are essential for the development of the baby's brain, eyes, and immune system. It also contains A2 Milk Protein, which is known for its easy digestibility and is suitable for mothers with sensitive stomachs. By providing these essential nutrients, PROMAMA® supports the overall health and well-being of both the mother and the baby during this crucial period.

As children grow, their nutritional needs evolve. Growing Up Milk range is specifically crafted to support a child's learning, overall growth, and development. These formulas are the result of extensive research and are formulated by a team of scientists and nutritionists. S-26® PROGRESS® and S-26® PROMISE® are designed with Nutrissentials®, a blend of essential nutrients that establish a strong foundation for learning. These formulas provide key nutrients such as DHA, AA, and choline, which support brain development and cognitive function, ensuring that children have the necessary nutrition to thrive.

S-26 GOLD® PROGRESS® and S-26 GOLD® PROMISE® are even more advanced milk powders in the range. These formulas contain key nutrients such as Sphingomyelin and DHA, which support brain connection by 10 times faster. They also provide essential vitamins and minerals that support overall growth and development. These advanced formulas are designed to provide comprehensive nutrition for growing children, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients for optimal growth, development, and overall health.

In some cases, children may need additional support to catch up on growth. We address this with ASCENDA®, a catch-up growth milk formula. ASCENDA® is specifically formulated to support an increase in height and weight, providing the blend of nutrition needed for a child's holistic growth. This formula contains essential nutrients such as high-quality protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which are crucial for bone development and growth. ASCENDA® ensures that children who may have experienced growth delays or need additional support can catch up and reach their full growth potential.

We also recognize the importance of adult nutrition, particularly for elders. A complete and balanced adult nutrition is essential for building and repairing muscle tissues, recovering strength, and maintaining energy levels. ENERCAL PLUS® is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adults. It contains a high-quality protein blend and is enriched with Prebiotic FOS to support digestion. ENERCAL PLUS® ensures that elders receive the necessary nutrients to support their overall health and well-being.

In addition to their range of specialized milk formulas, Wyeth Nutrition is committed to providing education and support to parents and caregivers. Their website offers a wealth of resources and information on nutrition, feeding practices, and child development. They have a team of experts who are available to answer any questions or concerns that parents may have. This commitment to education and support ensures that parents can make informed decisions about their child's nutrition and overall well-being.

Furthermore, Wyeth Nutrition places a strong emphasis on quality and safety. They adhere to strict quality control measures and follow international standards to ensure that their products are safe for consumption. Their manufacturing processes undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality. This commitment to safety provides peace of mind to consumers, knowing that they are giving their loved one's products that have undergone thorough testing and quality assurance.

MY parenTeam Malaysia serves as a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of scientifically formulated milk products. These products are carefully designed to cater to the specific nutritional needs of individuals at different life stages. From prenatal formulas for pregnant mothers to growing-up milk for children and specialized formulas for catch-up growth, Wyeth Nutrition provides comprehensive and specialized nutrition to support optimal growth, development, and overall health. With a strong commitment to quality, research, innovation, education, and safety, Wyeth Nutrition is a trusted brand that aims to support the nutritional needs of individuals at every stage of life.