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ENERCAL PLUS® is a complete and balanced nutritional supplement for adults to support their nutritional needs for strength and support.

What are the key nutrients and benefits for the new ENERCAL PLUS®?

ENERCAL PLUS® comes with

  1. High Protein Blend, with Whey Protein and Soy Protein, easily digestible and absorbed by our body, helps to build and repair muscle tissues to support muscle strength1
  2. It is also nutritionally complete and balanced to support the daily nutritional needs of the individuals.
  3. Prebiotic FOS to support better digestion* and promote good bacteria in the gut2,3
  4. 26% less sucrose as compared to previous formulation with the same great tasting vanilla flavour.

What is the age indication for ENERCAL PLUS®?

ENERCAL PLUS® is for individuals of 18 years old and above.

Is ENERCAL PLUS® for meal replacement?

Yes, ENERCAL PLUS® can be taken in between meals or as a meal replacement with scenarios below:

  1. Busy Healthy Individuals: You can replace 1 meal with 1 serving of ENERCAL PLUS® (1.5kcal = 9 scoops + 180ml water) + 1 serving of fruits for a balanced diet
  2. Weight Loss: You can replace 1 meal with 1 serving of ENERCAL PLUS® + 1 serving of fruits for a balanced diet
  3. Weight gain: No, we advise you to consume 2 servings of ENERCAL PLUS® as an additional to your daily meal intake (3 main meals and 2 snacks).

What is the recommended daily serving size for ENERCAL PLUS®?

You are advised to take 2 servings of ENERCAL PLUS® per day or as recommended by your healthcare expert.


ENERCAL PLUS® is lactose-free. It is suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance.

Is ENERCAL PLUS® suitable for pre-diabetic/diabetic patients?

ENERCAL PLUS® is not formulated for diabetic patients. Please consult a healthcare expert before taking ENERCAL PLUS®.

Is ENERCAL PLUS® suitable for vegetarians?

ENERCAL PLUS® contains cow's milk.