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Tell the time without a clock!


Hi parents, we know how important a strong foundation is for kids, and S-26® PROGRESS® Nutrissentials® helps with that. As our technologies advance, our kids will need more support and care to learn!

Did you know we used the power of the Sun to tell time before we had clocks & phones? Here’s a fun activity on how to tell time without a clock, with the device called a Sundial!


Materials needed:


  1. Paper plate
  2. Glue
  3. Clay or tape
  4. Scissors (parental supervision needed)
  5. Pencil or straw (any long & straight stick)
  6. S-26® PROGRESS® clock template cutout and activity sheet (download below)
  7. A Sunny day, of course!


Steps to prepare the clock






Time to play!





Learn to tell time anywhere, everywhere!




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