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S-26 PROGRESS DIY Activity - 3D Glasses

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Produce 3D Glasses at Home


Viewing things from a different perspective helps your little one enjoy more time studying. Therefore, encourage new learning by producing 3D glasses at home! S-26 Progress scientifically formulated with nutrients that help support your little one’s learning. It also contains Lutein that protects your little one’s eyes by filtering out blue light so that one can learn with pleasure through the use of DIY glasses.

S-26 PROGRESS Nutrissentials provides a solid foundation for early childhood learning so, let’s help your little ones learn today with a fun activity!


Materials needed:


  1. A4 sized manila card (download the template below)
  2. Transparent plastic bag
  3. Red and blue marker pens
  4. Colour pencils (if required)
  5. Craft glue and scissors*


*(Parental supervision needed)

4 Easy Steps



Get your 3D Glasses Template and try it out!




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