S-26® PROMISE® Supports Your Child's Growth
with Unique Nutrients

Growth and development both physically and mentally are fundamental in building a strong foundation for learning during the childhood years. Let’s support your child’s growth with S-26® PROMISE® with Nutrissentials® starting from now.

Specifically formulated for children above 1 year old to help better support their growth and development in establishing a strong foundation for learning.





Nutritional Contents of S-26® PROMISE®



eye sight






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Key Nutrients Comparison Table

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S-26 Promise Comparison ChartS-26 Promise Comparison Chart


*Based on products label information of selected brands as of 1st December 2022.

How to Prepare S-26® PROMISE®

Follow this easy mixing instruction for optimum preparation:
2-3 servings per day, or as per instructed by your healthcare professional.

S-26 Promise Feeding guide



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